SK TURBO TREATS (India's First Shilajit Gummies)

Luxury Redefined in the form of SHILAJIT GUMMIES


Why "Shilajit" should be taken in Gummy Form ?

  • Gummies have faster and better absorption thus more effective.
  • Dosage control-2 gummies contain exact 300mg of our daily needs.

  • 01- Kwatha Prepsati

    Triphala is soaked overnight in a big Iron Pot and the next day it is cooked on slow flame for 5-6 hours.

  • 02 - Apakshaya & Sich

    The big Golden Rocks of Shilajit are broken down into smaller pieces to soak in the Kwatha for 24-36 hours, to settle down the unwanted and pure Shilajit start to float.   

  • 03 - Shudhikaran

    Floating Shilajit is taken out in another vessel and again kept overnight to allow more impurities to settle down.  After repeating this process again and again until the Shilajit gets free from impurities completely and then strained multiple times with muslin cloth to get the purest and rarest Shilajit Liquid. 

  • 04 - Shilajit Gummies

    That extracted pure form of Shilajit is then transformed into Gummies for you to consume it easily.  

First Ever in India

YOU ARE PRIVILEGED ( your gummies are prepared in special batches only) to get India’s First ever "SHILAJIT GUMMIES" with the richness of Golden Grade Shilajit extracted from the highest ranges of Himalayas, purified using Traditional Techniques - provided only after SHUDHIKARAN - used in Ancient India.

  • Easy to Carry & Consume

  • Better Absorption

  • Dosage Control

  • Pure & Potent

  • Sugar Free

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Dietary Supplement

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  • Can be used easily anywhere, anytime and it's the best thing about it.

    Ritesh Malhotra

  • They taste amazing, the ingredients offer so many benefits and they're SUPER convenient. Love love love them!

    Kiara Keshvani

  • Gummies are my favorite!! I recently introduced them to my friends and family, we're all officially hooked! Thanks for making it easier with such a great tasting product!

    Asit Karmakar

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